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CSMIA undertakes precautionary measures in wake of cyclone Nisarga

In the wake of Cyclone Nisarga, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) convened a meeting with its stakeholders to devise preventive measures to tackle potential adversities accompanied by the cyclone. Stakeholders have been sensitized and advised to follow the standard operating procedures in preparation of the cyclone.

CSMIA has undertaken various measures to safeguard the passengers and airlines at the airport. Preventive checks at different airport functions have been carried out and the airport has ensured that DG sets are in place to provide uninterrupted power supply. Water pumps have been positioned across the airport to clear water in case of water logging. 

Furthermore, food & beverage counters will be operational 24/7 at the airport for passengers. These counters will continue to operate the safety measures adopted against ongoing pandemic. 

A dedicated team has been placed on standby at the airport to assist in this wary situation. Some of the measures undertaken by the airport include efficient personnel management to account for the possibility that the relieving team might not be able to reach the airport to take over their shift. Logistical supports like vehicles, food and tea/coffee have been arranged.

Special precautions have been taken for smaller and lighter aircrafts typically used for general aviation (GA) as they are vulnerable to strong winds. Some GA aircrafts have flown out of Mumbai until the cyclone passes while others have been asked to park inside the hangar; the airport has ensured that minimum aircrafts are parked on the apron. The airport is closely coordinating with IMD to monitor the progress/dissipation of adverse weather.