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Bosnia and Herzegovina invites Indian companies and organizations to Sarajevo Business Forum 2017

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) today invited Indian companies and organizations to Sarajevo Business Forum 2017, an annual forum to promote trade and tourism in the country. BiH Ambassador to India His Excellency Dr Sabit Subasic in a press conference today spoke about the rich and diverse opportunities available in the country and reiterated his commitment to enhancing multilateral relations with all the participants of the forum, particularly from India.

Sarajevo Business Forum is one of the biggest business conferences in the Central Europe and attracts business owners and investors from around the world.

His Excellency Dr Subasic said, “From a trade and tourism perspective, Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of most attractive destinations in South-Eastern Europe. We are uniquely placed to offer a peaceful, business-friendly environment to Indian businesses and exotic natural landscapes and cultural experiences to tourists from India.”

WildVoyager.com, an experiential travel startup from India will be a key participant at the forum with the objective of promoting inbound tourism for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Wild Voyager will also exclusively conduct an aerial drone video shoot of the country’s most exotic tourism destinations for marketing the country among Indian and global tourists.

Alankar Chandra, Co-founder at Wildvoyager.com said, “Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the best kept secrets in the world for tourists looking for out-of-this-world nature and wildlife experiences. We are thrilled to attend the Sarajevo Business Forum 2017 and look forward to make a meaningful contribution towards promoting tourism in this beautiful country.”

The 8th International Investment Conference will be held on 22nd and 23rd May 2017 in Bosnia and Herzegovina to promote trade and investments in agriculture, energy, education, infrastructure, construction, tourism and other industries. The forum provides a platform to institutional and private investors from all over the world to connect with the key stakeholders in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

His Excellency Dr. Subasic added, “Education, hospitality, infrastructure and health are some of the key areas of focus for us, and the goal is to attract Indian giants bring business to our country.”

His Excellency also emphasized that Indian businesses attending the forum will have business meetings organized and facilitated by local chambers of commerce and ministry of commerce. “It will be a win-win situation for everyone,” he added.