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Authentic ethnicity at WelcomHeritage

Steeped in history and dipped in culture and royal traditions, tons of centuries-old palaces, havelis and lodges of our ancient land have been resurrected, revitalised, and turned into hotels. WelcomHeritage hotels offer experiential stays, combining the old world charm with the indulgence of the new. Sunil Gupta, CEO, WelcomHeritage throws some light on the ever expanding horizons.

Bharti Sharma

With a magnificent portfolio of over 40 properties spread across 15 states, WelcomHeritage is a brand that is associated with the heritage of the country. Giving a low down on the upcoming properties, Sunil tells, “The next property to be flagged will be WelcomHeritage Ashdale in Nainital, which is an old Manor from the British era, owned by the royalty of Sahaspur. Thereafter, we propose to flag two nature resorts, one in Tadoba, and the other in Coorg, Karnataka. As all these properties are in the advance stage of project, and we hope they will be launched in the beginning of the next financial year. We also have a few more properties lined up during the later part of the financial year.”

WelcomHeritage is known for its best heritage properties and the further expansion will showcase the values and rich hospitality of the region on a global platform. Sunil explains, “With the average size of our hotels being 27 rooms, it is not the number of rooms which we add to our portfolio. The endeavour is to add more and more unique and off beat destinations, providing a comfortable and decent accommodation facility and an enriching local environment which can offer the guests a ‘unique experience’. Since it takes time to restore heritage property, we target to add at least three to five new destinations every year.”

Sunil feels it’s important to include the regional factors and giving a local feel based on the region’s taste, preference and culture to the properties. He elucidates, “Each property of ours offers very unique experience which is destination/locally driven such as an enchanting jeep safari in dunes or witnessing the fine architecture of 200 years old cluster of temples and forts; heritage walk in the streets of old Delhi, village tour on tractor or activities such as rock climbing, turban tying, horse safari, bird watching, trekking and hiking, etc, and that’s what makes us stand out vis a vis other hotel properties.”

WelcomHeritage aims to promote India’s regional culture, tradition, cuisine and local savour by encouraging and advising owners on restoration of these properties. Sharing about the uniqueness of these properties, Sunil mentions, “In the heritage category, no two properties are identical; rather I should say in most of our hotels, no two rooms are identical. We already have a variety of palaces, forts and havelis in our portfolio.”

The group has some properties under the nature resort category which are either located in the hilly terrains or in the plains of jungles etc. These properties are built closely to the local environment and architecture. Through these initiatives, WelcomHeritage helps in the preservation of the environment, while also promoting our rich culture, handicrafts and cuisines and that’s what makes them stand apart.

Sunil truly believes in healthy competition and is all geared up to face it with high spirits. He comments, “We have aggressive marketing and digital media plans in place to keep the customers updated about the new developments at our end. Also, those who prefer to stay at luxury properties with heritage roots and best amenities will definitely prefer WelcomHeritage.”