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Antalya, a window to Turkish culture

Sandy beaches and a historical city with Roman ruins and Ottoman mosques, Antalya offers all-in-one to the traveller. Sitting on the picturesque Mediterranean coast, the city provides access to the region’s in-style resorts, drawing crowd of enjoyment seekers from around the world. Antalya is the fastest-growing town in Turkey, for the tourist to come and discover its fabulous mixture of nice beaches and ancient Turkish culture.

                            Aditya Vikram Singh

Antayla, loaded with rich history and stunning natural landscapes, is one of the world’s most unique destinations, I travelled to. From the imposing grandeur of the mountains to secluded beaches, to ancient cities of former empires, this beautiful city of Turkey is a haven of everything mesmerising. Sun peeping through the clouds over the calm beaches, is a sight to behold. Beautiful horizon over the water and the tranquillity, truly defines my personality. Warm and hospitable natives of Antalya make it an even more comforting place to visit.

Kaleici or Antalya Old Town

The heart of the historic city, Kaleici offers the opposite of everything most of the folks take into account, once considering a vacation to Turkey’s southern Mediterranean coast with crystal blue beaches and historical remains, are just one to two hour drive from downtown.  Kaleici, a must-see city, is picturesque, colourful, totally different city than its trendy counterpart. The city is abuzz with three million inhabitants and far more guests throughout the summer months.

The recent town is kind of a universe of its own, with several remodelled homes, stores, hotels, cafes, and very slender streets. Kaleici takes the form of an amphitheatre around Antalya’s recent harbour, which is currently a touch dockage, where the gullets wait for their passengers for a ship tour. If you are attempting to seek convenience, I might say, one should either begin walking for an impressive summary or head straight to the tower or stop for the tram.

Susesi Luxury Resort

This revered edifice guarantees that the sole issue you have got to try and do, is leave yourself to the arms of peace and pleasure. Guests mechanically gain entrance to three major golf courses within the Serik District.

At Susesi Luxury Resort, with luxury, endless comfort and impeccable service, is definitely a treat to remember. The Susesi Luxury Resort offers fashionable rooms and restaurants that serve totally different styles to your taste roof of the mouth. Susesi Luxury Resort, placed in BelekIskeleMevkii, is constructed on 90,000sqm and has 554 rooms, One km to the centre of Belek, 40km to the town centre of city, 35km to the city field.

Aspendos Antique Theatre

In stark comparison to the contemporary of the city heart is that the ancient town of Aspendos, found 25 miles to the east, as back as 1000 BC, when it became a centre of trade for oil, wool, and salt. Like all ancient cities, the ruins square measure the foremost necessary attraction in the city, with most of them being well remodelled, relevant for historical and anthropological tours.

Amphitheatre is well preserved Roman Theatre, outside of European country, native creator Zenon, under the rule of Antoninus, designed this masterpiece in 155 AD. It was a present to the emperor and to the Roman gods. It’s impressive, hypnotic height of 315 feet, makes it cynosure to the eyes. One may, additionally notice remains of ancient basilicas, Roman aqueducts and alternative splendid design. The theatre has Roman and Greek effects, for example, the area rests against a side that forms horseshoe, and typically this can often be a Greek feature, while the barrel rounded substructure captures Roman options.

The Land of Legends

The Land of Legends has been opened in May 2016 and is very popular among tourists since then. The place not only exists out of an aqua park, but also out of a hotel, a big shopping centre, an open air aquarium and a Spa centre. The park is 12 minutes by walking distance of the beach and in the city Belek, between the city centre and the airport of Antalya. The Land of Legends is suitable for all ages. There is also a possibility to go into the sauna or to swim in the  swimming pool inside the room.

The resort is full of elements with Greek and Roman influence such as the style of the buildings, the statues and stone carvings. Historically, both the Greek and Roman empires have ruled Turkey, and thus the Legends, as referred to by the resort name, echoes the importance of these eras.Naturally being a theme park, much of the emphasis is on the family-friendly experience including the dolphin exhibits, and marine mammals’ show. Highlights, however, include the shark, tiger, and Humboldt penguin exhibits, but anyone over the age of 10 can also walk four metres underwater for 30 minutes, with professional divers, to feed tropical fish and take photos of the memorable experience. Besides, the water park features ride such as the wave pool, voyager, and rafting rapids. The shopping avenue also includes many brands for adults, who want to break off from the splashing water of the theme park.

Spice Hotel & Spa

Spice Hotel & Spa was constructed on a 91-hectare area with 546 rooms with 1200 bed capacity, available for the guests. The hotel consists of four-storey main building, with an annex building having 42 family rooms and 22 executive villas, situated on the separate garden area. Featuring luxurious rooms with balcony and villas with private pools, this oriental-style resort is located in the exclusive sea town of Belek. It offers waterpark-style pools and direct access to a sandy beach on the Mediterranean. The all-inclusive Spice Hotel & Spa features three restaurants, serving Turkish, Italian and Asian, ala’ carte cuisine. On the open-air terrace, guests can enjoy cocktails from the several bars of the resort. Several massages and beauty treatments can be enjoyed at the Spa-Ice, which also features a sauna and traditional Turkish hammam. To keep in shape, a semi-Olympic heated indoor pool and a gym are available.