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Amadeus India supports the travel community during these difficult times

In light of the difficult situation we are all facing due to Covid-19, Amadeus is working closely with their customers across all areas of the travel industry in order to help them navigate this complicated situation as best as possible. As each customer’s situation is unique, their teams across the business are speaking with them individually to see how they can support them and their business during this difficult time.

Amadeus tools and solutions such as Amadeus Ticket Changer (ATC) and Auto Refunds are helping customers manage their queues, refunds and other schedule related changes as quickly as possible. The Helpdesk team has also been equipped to work from home as a part of our business continuity plan, extending continued support to our partners and managing over 800+ contacts on a daily basis.

Amadeus Ticket Changer (ATC) is the only automated ticket changer tool which works on CAT 31, CAT 33 and CAT 16 for both offline and online travel channels. This solution also helps travel agencies automatically recalculate and prepare documents for the issuance of voluntary reissues or revalidations of electronic tickets based on the IATA industry standard. We have seen a large increase in the number of customers using this feature, reflecting the time and effort saved by the travel counsellors processing reissue and refunds.

Besides empowering the customers with swifter refunds and extending technical support, Amadeus India is using this time to upskill its customer’s resource pool by organising training sessions, such as Amadeus basic training and training on ticketing, reissues, refunds, EMD’s, hotels, automation solutions and soft skills. Instead of face-to-face trainings, Amadeus India is now conducting virtual classrooms sessions and is expanding its extensive catalogue of e-learning resources.

Measures that have been adopted by Amadeus India:

  1. In this fast-changing situation, having updated information at your fingertips is crucial. The Helpdesk team is therefore keeping agencies updated via Newsflash on any new airline policies or functionalities around changes, refunds and exchanges during the Covid-19 situation.
  2. Technical teams across the country have been helping customers set-up Amadeus access from alternative workplaces.
  3. In regular contact with airlines to receive timely information on their schedule updates, policy changes, etc. during the Covid-19 situation. The Account Management teams across the country are then cascading this important industry information to their customers.

These are just some examples of how Amadeus India is helping their travel agency community to support them during this challenging time. Amadeus Indua will continue to closely monitor the situation with Covid-19 and work with our customers with as little disruption as possible during these difficult times.