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Affirmative actions by TBO Group through CSR activities

Today, TBO Group has its roots in almost all the verticals of travel and trade industry. However, the nation building remains at the core of their thought process and they have always believed in giving back to the society through various acts of affirmative actions leading to the formation of equitable and just society. Their affirmative actions not only include support for a start-up, but they have also registered their foot-print when it comes to upliftment of the tribal society, lending a helping hand in the field of education at various levels. Not to mention, their commitment towards hygiene and cleanliness. Let’s take a look on their CSR activities for the year 201-18. Let us take a look at the initiatives taken by TBO Group for CSR Projects for 2017-18.

Foundation of School in tribal area of Orissa with ‘Bhartiya Jan Sewa Sansthan’

Bhartiya Jan Sewa Sansthan is a non profit charity which is working in the country since incorporation to elevate and empower our brethren living in the woods, mountains and those below the poverty line. TBO Group is proud to contribute the funds to Sansthan to set up a school for tribal society of Odhisa by which our forgotten tribal society will move towards the brightness of education.

Computer Centre at “Hanuman Sewa Kendra “ Sewa Bharti

With an objective to skill up the students with majestic world through the computer window, computer centre equipped with 10 computers at Hanuman Sewa Kendra (Andheria Mor) with association of Sewa Bharti has been started.
Educational workshops by ‘Shiksha Kendra’ for underprivileged students

With the association of Shiksha Kendra, training workshops has been arranged to develop underprivileged students into educated, confident and responsible citizens. Training will equip them to walk the world with pride. Shiksha Kendra is associated with DPS Gurgaon and providing education to underprivileged students

Washrooms for abandoned and differently able people with The Earth Saviours Foundation

The Earth Saviours foundation is an internationally acclaimed NGO serving less privileged people and abandoned senior citizens. TBO Group has contributed to the foundation for installation of hygienic and clean washrooms for abandoned and differently abled people.

Contribution to IIT Chennai for tech incubator

Start-ups today play a vital role, not only as drivers of innovative solutions to societal challenges, but also as job creators and economic stimulators. IIT – Chennai, with its resources such as its extensive social, academic and industrial network and the Research Park, is uniquely positioned to provide a boost to technology-based entrepreneurship. Considering the importance of innovations, TBO Group has contributed to IIT Chennai so that innovations can take shape of successful start-ups.

Fellowships for women post graduate students at IIT Delhi

Department IIT Delhi is a leading department in India with an established record of having a relatively high enrolment of women in postgraduate programs hence to increase in representation of women in computer science and engineering and to empower women in our society, TBO Group has contributed for fellowships of women PHD students