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60 per cent decrease in demand and bookings for adventure sports due to Covid-19 scare in India

With the Coronavirus outbreak, the entire world is going into partial or complete lockdown. Small businesses, more specifically in the travel, food and hospitality or entertainment sector are facing a huge stress test and impact on their businesses. Due to the health concern, people have been advised to stay at home and recommended to travel only if necessary. The Indian travel and tourism industry has been hit massively, especially with the government suspending all visas, restricted domestic travel and quarantine situation. Due to this restriction and drop in domestic travel, adventure sports have also been affected. After implementing the section 144 in the country, the maximum population of the country is doing, work from home and have cancelled all travel related plans for the next couple of months.

The industry has witnessed a severe drop of over 60 per cent in the number of bookings; Moreover, there are no new bookings or travel plans scheduled in the near future.

Niharika Nigam, Director- Business Development, Jumpin Heights, said, “To protect my staff and the customers, we are taking all the necessary precautionary measures – like keeping the sanitizers at the entrances, covering face from masks and taking care of the every staff hygiene. We are doing our best to protect our customers from it and following all the guidelines shared by the doctors and government. We are still trying our best to give people a best bungy experience.”

“On our platform, we have seen a major drop in the number of bookings. All advance bookings have been cancelled and there seems to be limited queries for future months. This health and safety concern has dropped our revenues drastically. Moreover, there is no major search of bookings that we see. The slowdown is unseen. We hope the situations get better soon”, she added.