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57% of hotel bookings on Goibibo via mobile

Mobile is one of the key engines of growth for hotel bookings. A year ago, mobile contributed to 15% of hotels bookings on goibibo. In the last quarter, mobile contribution has risen to 57%. This outstrips all other categories such as Bus, Air and holidays.
As per industry reports, goibibo’s mobile share for hotels is far greater than any other player in the market, including its competitors.

The other two factors driving growth of hotels on mobile are :
First trend is : last minute bookings. Almost 40% of booking for hotels on goibibo are last minute and same day check in. The second trend is that 80% of bookings are for long tail of hotels/ low cost hotels.
Native mobile contributes to 93% of the booking on goibibo mobile with android leading the share at 70%. Share of mobile web has come down from 30% a year ago to 7% in the last few months clearly signaling a change in trend.